💜 Summer Favorites 2016 💜

 As this blog is all about the healthy lifestyle and I’m personally more inclined towards natural and organic skincare products; so thought of sharing some products that would help us getting one step closer towards a state of ‘ being healthy’. I know it’s really hard  to find 100% organic products in the market without burning a hole in your pocket or until you prepared it right in your kitchen, which sure requires an expertise and thorough research on the subject and ain’t possible for everyone.

For that reason, I’m always on look-out for products with more of natural and plant-based ingredients and less of chemicals at a decent price; which are at-least 60-70% Organic, paraben-free, sulfate free, chloride free, incorporated with various essential oils and provide maximum value to earth and humans.

Bottomline: It’s even more of a fun to find and try new products.

Here, I’m listing down some of my current faves for the summer of 2016. Let me know what are your summer favorites? If you buy or like any of these products; you know of similar products which have less of chemicals, more of values and are easily available.I would luv to hear from you.

  • Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Hair Mask💆🏻: It works best if you leave it for 30mins after shampooing  and then rinse it off.
  • I’ve been using Aveda shampoo for quite sometimes now but recently I decided to try another brand with the least amount of chemicals  Giovanni Ultra Sleek Shampoo ( It has Brazilian phyto-keratin and Moroccan argan oil with a mild smell and leaves hair soft and manageable after a wash. More importantly it’s Lauryl sulfate free and is safe for color treated frizzy hair like mine.
  • Deep Steep Argan Oil Sugar Body Scrub Lilac Blossom. This scrub smells amazing leaves skin soft and so smooth that you just don’t need a lotion after bath.
  • Biore Charcoal Face scrub ( Since my skin is little sensitive to scrubs so I use it only two times a week and it really does makes my skin smooth )
  • Yes to Carrots Moisturizer with 15 SPF (It works well for my normal-oily sensitive skin; It gets absorb quickly into skin. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky or oily plus smells good.
  • Precision Beauty Blender in wedge cuts. (who doesn’t like more bang for a buck; I really love these small wedge cut beauty blenders for just $5.99; I got them at a local beauty store.It works so well in blending any kind of BB-CC creams/foundations.You can either toss them or wash and re-use 2-3 times just like any other beauty blender. I personally don’t like washing them after few uses ; I just throw them  because whenever I re-use them I break out plus don’t find them hygienic so that’s the reason I like to buy small beauty blenders which aren’t that expensive.I found couple of good deals on makeup sponges & beauty blenders.
  • Sunscreen🌞 Body Spray by Hawaaiian Tropic Sheer Touch. It’s quite hard to find a natural or organic sunscreen with great SPF. I’ve tried a few before but they didn’t really work well.Sunscreen spray ain’t the best option but is convenient and saves time. Just spray and rub gently to spread evenly around the area and I use it often when I’m in a rush.It’s good for protecting the most exposed areas such as legs and arms.
  • I have a thing for lip balms. I absolutely luv naturally enriched lip balms like Burt’s Bee, Eos (esp.Blue berry acai & red summer fruit; I wouldn’t bother buying purple passion fruit though ) however these days   Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm is my fav💘; it just hydrate dry lips quickly.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to share your reviews. Drop an email to chichealthylifestyle@gmail.com 

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a blessed day 🙌


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