Quick Veggie Stir fry 


Veggie Stir fry is a quick way to curb those sweet and savory buds. You might find different variations of these because I usually prepare this with all different kinds veggies that I have on hand at the time. This receipe is super simple (posting in a flow) do not have any fixed method, you can prepare however you want. I usually serve it with either plain brown rice or Israeli Couscous (for just a healthier version)

With that being said, lets get started

Gather all kinds of veggies for stir fry such as red bell pepper, green bell pepper, baby corns, snow peas, mushrooms, broccoli and  red onion and cut them in slices (or juliennes for that matter) Then heat a wok, add 2 tsp of sesame oil , add chopped garlic, chopped ginger, sliced onions and all the above veggies. Saute them on high for 5 mins then add the sauce. Combine everything well on low flame. If you like real spicy & hot you can sprinkle some chilli flakes on the top. Serve with your fav jasmine white rice/brown rice/couscous.


In a separate bowl – add 1tsp of sesame oil, 1 tsp of white rice vinegar, 3 tsp of thick soy sauce, 2 tsp of sweet chili sauce (or 2:1 ratio of honey and chilli garlic paste). Mix it well.




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